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Teesmouth Seal Rescue and Coastal Conservation Centre

Teesmouth Seal Rescue and Coastal Conservation Centre

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How You Can Help

At the Teesmouth Seal Conservation Trust, we believe in the power of compassion and action to safeguard the ecologically important seals, that grace our shores and estuaries. Each day, these remarkable creatures face mounting challenges - from environmental threats to human interference and worsening weather conditions - and it's up to us to offer them a sanctuary where they can receive appropriate care and treatment to recover. 


We invite you to be a part of our heartwarming mission: to establish a dedicated Seal Rescue and Coastal Conservation Centre where it's going to benefit most. Your generous donation will be the cornerstone of hope, not only providing immediate aid to seal pups in distress, but also ensuring their future survival. By contributing to our cause; you're not just giving funds, you're giving these seals a chance to thrive in their natural habitat, a gesture that echoes the beauty of coexistence. Join us in turning this vision into a reality, where every seal is given the care and protection they truly deserve. Your support will enable us to complete life saving building work at our Centre, to provide the complete care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned seal pups, from rescue to release.

Together we can make a difference - one seal at a time.

Any queries regarding donations please contact


Rescued seal pup

You can help us raise awareness by following our social media channels, sharing our pages this helps us reach more people.

Social Media

Are you passionate about marine life?  Do you have a few hours spare? Do you want to join us as part of our exciting new venture? We are looking for like minded people, with the passion and enthusiasm, to help with fundraising and attend local events to help spread awareness. If this sounds interesting to you please email us at to request a volunteering pack.


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